I had an old judgment from 2011 pop up recently for student loans all the way from 2006. I was being garnished for loans that as far as I could tell were cancelled. I emailed Brian out of no where with my random facts, my story and so on. Brian was more than kind enough to work with me via email to give me an idea of how to start fighting this. I eventually made the decision to hire him and it was the smartest decision I have ever made. Brian quickly ascertained the facts of this case, what was happening and laid out, in plain text what was going on. It instantly assuaged any anxiety/fears I had regarding this issue. When he says he will go to work for you, he will. From day one he started applying pressure and within 2 weeks of hiring the entire issue was dismissed. Brian is a 100% genuine guy that will tell you like it is and will do everything he can to get you the result you want.