Help with Zombie Debt

“Zombie” debt is debt that has come back from the dead to haunt you. Junk Debt Buyers find and buy old debt in bulk from credit card companies, gyms, public utilities, cellphone providers and other creditors and then come after you even though the debt is past the statute of limitations. We send the Zombie debt back to the grave.

We can protect you from Zombie & Junk Debt buyers such as NCO, MCM and Asset Acceptance.

Junk Debt Buyers buy old or "zombie" debt, often for pennies on the dollar, and sue people with minimal proof or sometimes outside the Statute of Limitations. Generally a zombie or junk debt buyer will sue people with the expectation that the lawsuit will be ignored. Then a default is entered and the debt becomes new again. See our News Stories on "Zombie Debt."

In Michigan the Statute of Limitation is six years. In Florida, the Statute of Limitations is four years. So, if you are being called or sued for an old or zombie debt or junk debt owed, contact us and we will review the case, defend you for free and sue the Junk Debt Buyer under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and make them pay you!