About Us

About Us

Brian P. Parker PC fights for consumers in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) area of law. Attorney Brian Parker has tried more cases for consumers than any attorney currently practicing in the FDCPA area. Most FDCPA attorneys won't go to trial for you. When selecting someone to represent you, ask the attorney how many of these cases they have tried in court and won.

We go to trial if we have to

If an attorney has not gone to trial for his past clients, why would he fight for you? What signal does that send to the debt collector? Brian Parker is not afraid to fight hard for you! We Win.

Debt collectors hate us

We have established a formidable reputation and respectability among the creditor and debt collector community. Debt collectors hate us for what we can do for our clients. We have a qualified, competent and experienced team of legal professionals from the field of consumer law. We have successfully handled thousands of consumer cases.

Under the FDCPA - no fees to you!

Brian P. Parker PC provides free representation by making the bad guys pay your fees if we take your case under the FDCPA or Michigan’s equivalent State Collection Protection Act.

Again, no one has tried and won more debt collection cases!

Brian P. Parker PC follows an effective process of handling debt collection issues that will result in the most optimum and satisfactory outcome for you. And if we have to go to trial, Brian has multiple FDCPA trials under his belt.

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Brian was great! I would highly recommend him. He was very professional but made sure to understand you as an individual. He makes sure you’re comfortable with him and isn’t intimidating like most attorneys can be." Read More
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