About Attorney Brian P. Parker

About Attorney Brian P. P…

Are you being sued by a debt collector or collection law firm?

If you want to feel safe again and get the case against you dismissed quickly, you came to the right place. For over 25 years, I have fought for consumers under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) area of law. Our greatest strength is defending you from collection lawsuits and fighting back with lawsuits of our own against the law firms that sued you. We make the bad guys suing you, pay you!

I will defend you and get the best offer to settle your debt-our goal is to eliminate the debt.

My name and 28-year reputation in the debt defense and FDCPA community settles lawsuits and can eliminate or settle debts for pennies on the dollar. Let us help protect you and eliminate your debt and the collection lawsuit.

Debt collectors hate me, plain and simple

I have successfully handled thousands of consumer cases including winning at many trials. I have established a formidable reputation and respectability among the creditor and debt collector community who know it is best to work with me and avoid a fight. In collection defense cases, we usually handle everything for a small lump sum. Use our great reputation for your benefit and eliminate the collection lawsuit and the debt-even if you think you owe the debt, it is very possible you don't owe the debt to the company suing you.

When you win under the FDCPA - no fees to you!

When I sue debt collectors or law firms and prevail in your case the debt collector must pay any attorney fees or costs under the FDCPA or Michigan’s equivalent State Collection Protection Act. You make the bad collectors pay you!

Bottom Line!

I follow an effective litigation process that will result in the most optimum and satisfactory outcome for you. I have multiple FDCPA trials under my belt. Debt collectors know this and would rather settle than suffer. Let me put my 28 years of experience to work for you. Being sued? Then let me quickly turn everything around for you and give you peace of mind. Fill out our free evaluation form today and let's get the case against you dismissed. Thank you.