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Email or Fax us your collection letters. They could be worth thousands if the debt collector is breaking the law. If they broke the law in one letter, they likely broke it hundreds, even thousands of times across their entire mailing list.

Recently, A New Jersey law firm was forced to pay a $49,500 class action settlement over the language the firm used in their collection letter. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act specifies what must be said in the so-called validation notice that debt collectors, including law firms, are required by the federal statute to send to consumers in their initial notice, points out Joseph Jones, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs in the case. Although the law firm included what it contended was an equivalent statement to the language required by the FDCPA at 15 U.S.C. §1692g(a)(3), U.S. District Judge Joseph Irenas did not agree, refusing in an earlier ruling to grant a defense motion to dismiss the case, reports the New Jersey Law Journal (sub. req.). Discovery in the case revealed that the Mattleman firm at one point had a standard debt collection letter including the required FDCPA statement that the debt would be presumed valid if it wasn't disputed, the article says. However, for some reason the firm revised that language to say only that it would recommend the commencement of an action not long before the letter at issue in the class action was mailed.

We file Class Actions on letters you provide us. They could be worth thousands to you. So, fax or email us your collection letters and we will get right back to you. And again, any representation by us will be FREE.

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