Help Fighting Old Mortgage Debt

Mortgage Debt Buyers buy up old debt from mortgages, home equity loans, and home equity lines of credit (or HELOCs). Mancinelli Goeman Law Group, PC and Potestivo & Associates, P.C are two firms that collect on old mortgage debt in Michigan. Sometimes they try to collect on this debt even after the Statute of Limitations has passed.

We help Michigan consumers fight unfair mortgage debt collection practices by creditor banks, mortgage debt buyers and other debt collectors including Ocwen, Bayview, Green Tree, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Trott & Trott, Potestivo, and Schneiderman & Sherman.

I lost my house: Do I still owe on the mortgage?

Mortgage debt buyers may purchase the debt formerly owed on your house note even after foreclosure. Then they try to collect without full information on whether you still actually owe the debt. Many also use debt collection practices—like constant phone calls, threats, and approaching your family members or employers—that are unlawful under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). We fight the debt collectors suing on the old debt.

My home was foreclosed: Can they still collect on my home equity loan?

Banks or debt buyers may call or sue you to collect on an old home equity loan or line of credit even after your home was foreclosed. But many don’t even have enough documentation to legally collect. Many try to collect even if the statute of limitations for collection has passed. We can help you fight back and sue the debt buyers and their collection law firms. If you get sued for mortgage debt, please fill out our Free Evaluation form and send us any paperwork you receive, ASAP.

Find out what an attorney can do to help you fight old mortgage debt.

Mortgage debt buyers are hoping for one of two things: to intimidate you into paying or to win a lawsuit against you by default. That is, they hope you won’t respond when they sue so the court will rule against you without even hearing your side of the story.

Act fast and don’t let the the debt buyers or their collection law firms win: We will review your case for free, stop harassment by debt collectors, and defend you in court. Even if there is some outstanding valid debt, we can settle or eliminate it. And, if they’ve violated the FDCPA or state debt collections laws and we prevail in your case, we will make them pay you.


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