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Are you being sued or harassed by a debt collector or collection law firm? You've come to the right place! Did you know you can sue the debt collectors for failing to follow federal and state laws? These laws are meant to protect you from illegal debt collection pressure tactics. The collection agency could actually end up owing you money! See our Five Star Summaries of Real Cases like yours, below.

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Recent Testimonials:

I had got served one day about me being sued over a good amount of money (low 5 figure range) so I had panicked and went online to find a lawyer, Brian was the first one that popped up on my search and he had all these amazing reviews on his website so I had to give it a shot and go with him. After doing so believe me he did not disappoint, he got the whole debt cleared off. Literally amazing

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ from

Brian was absolutely amazing! He did the job professionally , quick , and did exactly what he said he would. I would hands down 100% recommend him! He is a man of his word and did not let me or my husband down!!!

– Dari, ★★★★★ from Google
I had my identity stolen and a Verizon account opened in my name, leading to a bill sent to a debt collector and causing my credit score to suffer enormously. Verizon was initially very uncooperative both with me and the police and continued to insist I was responsible for the bill. Brian wrote a letter on my behalf, free of charge, informing Verizon it was identity theft and if they did not cancel the bill and notify the debt collectors, we would be filing a court case. Brian told me if they did not cancel the charge, he would take me on as a client. Fortunately, Verizon cancelled the charge the very next week and my credit score returned to normal. This was after several months of back and forth with Verizon and the police and being sent in circles. Brian was very professional and helpful. I very much appreciate his free legal advice and assistance and feel like he would have been very effective had I needed to escalate the situation.
– Hayley S., ★★★★★ from Google
I found myself in a bad situation and did not know who to trust. Attorneys are one of those you feel you cannot trust. HOWEVER, I contacted Mr. Brian Parker. He listened to my story, he commented truthfully he did not give me distorted hope for a good outcome. He explained everything I needed to do and if I needed to call him and ask him again what he just asked me he would calmly explain this to me again. I would recommend him to anyone who feels confused about a legal situation. Mr. Parker is the Lawyer you can trust. Sincerely; Tina
– Tina, ★★★★★ from Google

I am very satisfied with this law firm. Brian explained the process in detail and got the job finished with ease. I highly recommend.

– R. Sharp, ★★★★★ from Google

Good man, Very helpful and explanatory, at a time of need when the collector came he was here at the first moments frontlining for me.. very responsive emails, txts, and calls back very fast. very much appreciation for this man. Won my case!!!Thank Brian P. Parker!!!

– GhedddoVedo ★★★★★ from Google

I appreciate Brian's inside knowledge of the courts and judges in the area. He gave me a frank and honest assessment of my issue and gave me hope at a bad time. Brian's speedy review and actions led to a great outcome for my case. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family who may need legal advice.

– anonymous, ★★★★★ from

Best lawyer I ever came across. He took care of my issues so fast, he treated me with kindness and respect. I would definitely recommend him, if someone has a problem he is the lawyer you want in your corner. I would definitely use him again if needed.

– Jillian, ★★★★★ from Google

I would definitely recommend Brian, he treated me with kindness and respect. He made every effort to handle my matter fast. I couldn't believe how fast he resolved my case. I was so relieved. If you need help in this is the man to call, would definitely use his services again.

– Jillian, ★★★★★ from

I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Parker he helped me in a very difficult and stressful situation. I was sued for a debt that wasn’t even mine and I was freaking out and he told me don’t worry I got it from here. If you’re looking for a very professional and responsive attorney who treat you like family then look no further.

– Nathan, ★★★★★ from Google

I was very pleased with the quick reaction time, and the experience and knowledge that was bestowed on me. The outcome of my case was more than I had expected. I would highly recommend this firm to take care of your legal needs.

– Heather R., ★★★★★ from Google

Brian Parker is a man of integrity and is very forthright. He represented my family and I at no charge. Brian consulted with us regarding a student loan debt and assisted us out of a bad situation. Always keeping us informed of the status.

– Yolanda, ★★★★★ from and Google

Fantastic! Brian was always available to help, answer questions, and was truthful during the whole process when I hired him. It is amazing what him and his team did for myself, my father, and my family. He lifted such a great burden off our shoulders. We did not feel helpless anymore! Brian is really knowledgeable about the student loan lawsuits. It is more than a fight to him, it is an opportunity to help his clients. He was always honest, answered every email or call and honestly one of the best things I have done was call Brian. I was scared, worried, and sued all at the same time. Brian told us what to do and what the process would be like. It was a chance and it worked out great. I would recommend Brian to anyone in a similar situation. I can finally live my life with my family and it is all thanks to Brian. He understood that it is more than a job, and understands why he got into law in the first place and that is to help people. I am one of those people that Brian Parker helped and I am forever greatful!

– Garrett, ★★★★★ from and Google

Excellent Attorney! Always responded right away to my questions. Took my case when I was unable to find anyone that even was knowledgeable enough to get me the results I needed. More importantly, he won the case for me. I highly recommend Brian P. Parker!

– Dorothy, ★★★★★ from Google

Brain helped me with my summons and complaint that Citi Bank had filed on me. He worked the case counter sued and won both cases and the other complaint was dismissed. Great attorney I would highly recommend him. Andrew

– Andrew, ★★★★★ from Google

Mr. Parker was wonderful. He to this day even after everything was done will always call right back or email if anything new arises. He went above and beyond. He kept me up to speed as everything was taking place and got me money I did not even know I was entitled too! I would highly recommend him.

– Connie, ★★★★★ from Google

Brian was great! I would highly recommend him. He was very professional but made sure to understand you as an individual. He makes sure you’re comfortable with him and isn’t intimidating like most attorneys can be.

– Ali, ★★★★★ from Google