Are you being sued or harassed by a debt or bill collector?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects against the debt collection harassment techniques many debt collectors use today like constant telephone calls, contacting relatives, friends, neighbors, and employers, and both threatening them and alerting them to your alleged debt. We use the FDCPA and state laws to make the debt collectors pay you. In some cases, we get the debt collectors to eliminate your debt too. We're here to connect you with qualified legal representation - for no money out of your own pocket!

If you are being sued or harassed by a debt or bill collector, we can help. We deal with debt collectors everyday, they hate us! We understand how stressful being sued or harassed by a bill or debt collection agency can be. We will look at your paperwork, and If we determine that they have sued you illegally, we will represent you for free! If we choose to represent you we will then sue the debt collector and make them pay you under the FDCPA. And all of this is absolutely For Free!

Fill out our FREE case evaluation form. We'll review your case and contact you, usually within 5 minutes to 12 hours time. Stop dealing with those harassing bill and debt collectors today and get back your peace of mind!

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