Joe Z. from Avvo

Well, my situation was probably like many of yours - you have some collection agency sending you letters to get your money and if you don't respond they get more abrasive to the point of taping a court ordered subpoena on your door. It all seems so legal or lawful when you don't know the real law. Feeling a bit helpless, I decided to take a quick look online for some kind of hope / assistance as it seems there's an answer for everything online. Sure enough, on the first page of my google search is Brian Parker's site to help people in my situation. I could hardly believe it. He was really the only one serving this niche. After reading his site, I literally thought this guy is an answer to prayer - like some kind of angel to fight the demons who are bending the law to get into your pocketbook. That's Brian's specialty - he legally and lawfully points out every detail of how this collection agency / law firm is illegally bending the law, and he disseminates it in legal documents that the court and collection agency understands, thus the collection agency / law firm run like a scared rabbit with its tail between its legs. He does it quickly, concisely and with utter reassurance to you, the victim, that we will have this worked out in no time. I'd be lying, if I did not say that Brian Parker is a man of his word, that you can count on him, in what feels like a very tight situation. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!