Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC Alert

Attorney Brian ParkerPortfolio Recovery Associates sues people across Michigan seeking to collect on old credit card and loan debt while violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). They are old and junk debt collectors and usually represent themselves out of Virginia. Their lawsuits lack the proper proof or assignments showing that PRA really owns the debts they sue upon. If you are being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates, call or email us immediately. They have probably violated the FDCPA and you have many options to fight back. We have successfully sued debt collectors like PRA into backing off from harassing our clients and settling or eliminating the debt.

Being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC?

We have sued them before. Fill out our Free case evaluation form or call us at (248) 342-9583 and we will protect you by using the FDCPA and make them stop the harassment and pay you money damages.