Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC Alert

Attorney Brian Parker

Jefferson goes after thousands of people across Michigan seeking to collect on old or zombie debt while violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). They use the law firm Berndt, Beach & Associates to file lawsuits on old debt, usually for DTE debt collections. A lot of the time, they collecting on old debt well beyond the statute of limitations.

Get Free Help

If you receive any kind of letters or calls from Jefferson or Berndt, Beach, call us immediately. They have probably violated the FDCPA and you have many options to fight back. We have successfully sued debt collectors like Jefferson into backing off from harassing our clients and also making them follow the law.

Being harassed by Jefferson Capital Systems?

If you received a call or letter from them, call us for Free help at (248) 342-9583. We will protect you by using the FDCPA and make them stop the harassment and if you prevail, pay you money damages. Plus, the FDCPA forces the debt collector to pay the prevailing Plaintiff any fees or costs.