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When Debt Collectors Harass You, They Have Broken The Law!

Collection Stopper.com has many solutions to help you stop debt collection. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ( or FDCPA ) is a law that protects people from over zealous debt collectors and unscrupulous debt collection practices. Some common illegal practices by debt collectors are:

  • Calls to you at work
  • Calls to you at home at late hours
  • Threats to notify your employer or other parties that you owe the debt
  • Threats to sue you
  • Threats or abusive language
  • Contact or calls with family or neighbors

Even If You Owe The Money, They Cannot Break The Law When Attempting To Collect The Debt!! We will  help you stop debt collectors from harassing you. The law protects you, regardless of whether or not you owe the debt. The law in essence states that when a debt collector crosses the line with you, they owe you money damages. You read that right --

They can actually end up owing you money. We make debt collectors pay you! 

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Wait, it gets even better!

What could possibly be better than forcing an unscrupulous debt collector to pay you money damages? How about forcing them to pay your attorney fees, too. That’s right. The same law that protects you from illegal debt collection activity also forces the debt collector to pay your attorney for his services as well.

We are specialists in the area of consumer law dealing with debt collectors who cross the line. If we take your case, and we prevail, we’ll collect money damages for you, and bill the debt collector for our costs and fees. (If we do not prevail, we charge you nothing.)

 In addition, we can sometimes force the debt collector to permanently remove the debt in question from your credit report. Our services are Free to consumers who are being harassed by debt collectors and we make them pay you.

Client Testimonials


I heard of Brian from a friend. I emailed Brian to have him review my case. He did not charge me anything upfront and told me he will get his fees from the company we are suing. He filed my case in Federal Court. His assistant sent me continuous emails keeping me updated on the progress we were making.

They sent me interrogatories from the Defendant. A week after I sent them back, we got a settlement. It took just under 60 days to settle. I received my statutory damages and Brian received his fees.

If you call his office and leave a message, he will call you back. If you have a question, he will talk to you and answer it. Brian is a trustworthy and honest attorney who will only take your case if you actually have a case. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with a creditor, debt collector, identity theft, mortgage help. I have given him two more cases since then. I spoke with 5 attorneys before going to Brian and he was the only one who took the time to talk with me.

Source: Avvo.com

Thank you again Brian you were a big help in getting us back to where we needed to be. On behalf of my wife and four children it is greatly appreciated.

Steve Witkowski
Project Consultan
John McCarter Construction


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