Join the CollectionStopper Membership Home

Podcast + has been moved to a Membership site so that revenue can be used to bring consumers more information, documents and greater assistance. The Podcast+ website is a lot of work and requires time and money spent on it that limits the maximum amount of information and resources I can give you.

Believe me, this was a hard decision but to do a better job for everyone we had to charge something to increase the help we will offer. There will still be free stuff on the new site, www.collectionstoppersolutions.com. We are offering very low initial membership discounts as we build the site for the audience every day. There will be tremendous amounts of information for your content dollar.

However, if you just need a specific document or letter, email me at brianparker@collectionstopper.com and I will give it to you as soon as I am able. Thank you.

Brian Parker