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Podcast Show Notes

How To Settle Collections

Answers to Collection Lawsuits

Answers to Lawsuits with Securitization Defenses

Affidavits to Fight Collection Lawsuits

Credit Dispute Letters

Cease and Desist Letters

Deposition Notices

Answers to Student Loan Lawsuits

Securitized Debt Lawsuit Defense

Florida and Michigan MCM Podcast and Lawsuit Notes

How to Defend a SCS Collection Case

Who Is UHG

Summary Disposition Motion Responses

Top Five Tips to Beat A Velocity Lawsuit

Handling a Motion to Compel Arbitration

Validating the Debt

Portfolio Recovery Forms and Podcast

SoloSuit.com Podcasts and Opinion Notes

Hacks to Answer a Lawsuit

Motion to Compel Arbitration

Top Ten Tips in Responding to ID Theft

Discovery Questions and Motions to Compel

Fighting a Student Loan Solutions Lawsuit

Help with Public Student Loans

Written Discovery Requests

Assignments and Data Extensions

Handling Repossession of Vehicles and Defenses