Writing a Killer Answer to Collection Lawsuit

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Brian Parker has written the ultimate Collection Self Defense manual in a five-part series with the first ebook titled, "Writing a Killer Answer to a Lawsuit, Part 1." For the bargain price of just $9.99 you get great research and content on answering debt collector and creditor lawsuits, forms, template answers to confrom to your state rules, credit card lawsuit answers and the all important, counter affidavits. Again, there is even some information on the newest Creditor defenses with securitization. It solves a lot of your collection problems.

This is the culmination of 30 years experience from my battles with debt buyers, debt collectors, creditors, mortgage companies, banks and other financial robber barons. This is an Awesome deal to help you face off and fight the bad guys and put you in a winning position-without the expense of hiring an attorney. Its your call to make but you now have options. I hope it helps you and sharpens your spear. And remember, please consider filing an Answer with a Counter Affidavit and send everything you do to the Court and other side by certified proof of mailing. "Keep a Paper Trail, Register by Mail," serves you well in proving you filed something on time.

Thank you.

* This is an offer to buy an ebook that adds to your research in fighting or defending against a collection lawsuit. No attorney client relationship is created or intended. Use your state laws and statutes to confirm to the research and forms here. I am not giving you legal advice and also please look into whether your state requires a counter affidavit in responding to account stated claims. Thank you, go get 'em.

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Mastering the Battle Against Identity Theft

In "Collection Self Defense-Part 2: Mastering the Battle Against Identity Theft," Consumer Attorney Brian Parker has written a helpful and attorney tested guide for those grappling with the aftermath of identity theft. Drawing from real-life experiences, including the author's own battle with identity theft, this eBook offers a belt and suspenders approach, emphasizing thoroughness and diligence. This essential resource provides detailed strategies for managing credit disputes, handling hard inquiries (has to be permissible), and executing effective validation requests. It covers key legislation such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in providing readers with the tools to confidently navigate the complex landscape of credit reporting and legal recourse. Look for cool Pro-Tips that make this guide an invaluable asset for anyone seeking to reclaim their financial stability and peace of mind in the wake of identity theft.

Top Ten Judge Tips to Help Win Your Court Appearance

Part Three in the Collection Self Help series titled, "Top Ten Judge Tips to Help You Win Your Court Appearance," is a comprehensive guide to mastering courtroom appearances easing the nervousness of your appearance. This invaluable resource offers a deep dive into strategic public speaking, with a particular focus on how to effectively present and argue your case in court. From the insightful Tip #1, encouraging pre-hearing court visits, to the nuanced understanding of judicial perspectives and the importance of portraying the opposing party in a specific light, this guide is packed with practical advice. Tailored to ease the anxiety of public speaking and navigating the court environment, it's a must-read for anyone looking to gain an upper hand in legal proceedings. Whether you're a seasoned lawyer or facing the court for the first time, these Top Ten Tips are your blueprint for success and confidence in the courtroom.