Fantastic! Brian was always available to help, answer questions, and was truthful during the whole process when I hired him. It is amazing what him and his team did for myself, my father, and my family. He lifted such a great burden off our shoulders. We did not feel helpless anymore! Brian is really knowledgeable about the student loan lawsuits. It is more than a fight to him, it is an opportunity to help his clients. He was always honest, answered every email or call and honestly one of the best things I have done was call Brian. I was scared, worried, and sued all at the same time. Brian told us what to do and what the process would be like. It was a chance and it worked out great. I would recommend Brian to anyone in a similar situation. I can finally live my life with my family and it is all thanks to Brian. He understood that it is more than a job, and understands why he got into law in the first place and that is to help people. I am one of those people that Brian Parker helped and I am forever greatful!