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In the past few years, there have been thousands of complaints to better business bureaus and Federal Student Aid about student loan debt collectors. The student loan collection industry is big business: as former university and college students have trouble finding jobs in a tight economy, they often fall behind on student loan payments. Whether the original debt was a private student loan, a Sallie Mae loan, a direct federal government loan, a Perkins or HEAL program loan, the result is the same — private debt collection agencies and lawyers try to cash in on your default.

Complaints About Student Loan Debt Collectors

In their race to squeeze money out of former students, many debt collectors are guilty of unfair collection practices, harassment, threats and intimidation. Some of the many agencies and firms with complaints against them for unfair debt collection practices include: Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co. (also known as WWR or WW&R), Shermeta Law Group, National Collegiate Student Loan Trust (National Collegiate Trust or NCT, TERI Loan Holdings, West Asset Management, and Navient.

If you are being harassed or sued by any collection firm in Michigan or elsewhere, you need to know that they often break state and federal laws through their debt collection letters and harassing phone calls.

Defaulted on Your Student Loan? Debt Collector Filed a Lawsuit? You Still Have Rights!

Regardless of whether you were granted loan deferment or forbearance, or are in default, state laws and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protect you from collection activities that cross the line into threats, intimidation or contacting your family, neighbors or workplace. An attorney can help you determine if the law has been violated. And, if it has, you can sue the debt collector. Consult with an Attorney for Free: You could make unscrupulous debt collectors pay you! Save your debt collection letters and email or fax them to us. If a debt collector threatened you or otherwise violated the law, you can sue under the FDCPA or state collections law and make them pay your attorney fees. We will review your case for free and stop student loan debt collector harassment.

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