Who is UHG I, LLC and United Holding Group?

UHG I, LLC and United Holding Group change their names when it suits them. They are a third-party debt collection company that buys charged off note deficiencies, credit card debts, and fintech accounts like Lending Tree and LendingCorp or Web Bank and sues consumers through Michigan Collection law firm, Weltman, Weinberg & Reis in Michigan and Doberstein Law firm out of Chicago, Ill. Generally, these cases are filed without the proper assignment or title paperwork necessary to prove their case. I use this absence of proof to settle or eliminate my client’s debts and lawsuits in Michigan Circuit and District Courts.

What names should I look for if UHG is suing me?

The main attorneys on UHG's debt collection lawsuits are Dan Best and Jennifer Dillow from Weltman and Richard Stuekroth from the Doberstein Law firm. These attorneys specialize in suing consumers with debt collection lawsuits.  Look for their names on the Summons in your paperwork to confirm UHG is suing you. I deal with them all the time and they know I will sue their firm if they break the law.  Doberstein is new to the area as UHG appears to be moving away from using Weltman.

UHG changes its name and facts in your complaint if you call them on the lack of proof in their complaint. When you get sued by UHG in State court, an answer and counter claim against them is the best approach to eliminating or settling your debt when the facts are there. Again, Doberstein is new to Michigan and is increasing their UHG filings. UHG with Weltman is stubborn no matter how bad their case is and they make their attorneys take wild positions. Thus, that is probably why they changed to Doberstein. But Weltman knows what they are doing. Either way, get your paperwork to me within 21 days of being served and we will provide you a free analysis to help you win.

What does a UHG or UHG I, LLC lawsuit look like?

In my experience, their lawsuits are haphazardly put together with missing proof. The basic pleading or lawsuit you will receive with be the same throughout the State of Michigan and have really have no basis of fact proving you owe the debt. In fact, any title or assignment proof fails to show you owe the debt or that UHG has a right to sue you. Look at the assignments and bill of sale attached to your complaint. It will not have a direct and specific assignment of your debt being sold from the original creditor to UHG.

Sample UHG lawsuit

Sample UHG Complaint

UHG Weltman Sample Lawsuit

Answer to UHG I, LLC Lawsuit

Sample Answer and Affirmative Defenses 1

Sample v UHG Counter Claim and Exhibits 1-3 1

UHG Doberstein Lawsuit v Client

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How to Beat a UHG Lawsuit

Call them on bad lawsuits! When you hire me, first I will file a Response or an “Answer” to the UHG lawsuit to avoid a default being filed against you. You want to avoid a Default at all costs. With a default you lose your case no matter what proof they attached as lawsuit exhibits. So be aware of the 21 days you have to file your Response or Answer.

Second, file a Counter Claim showing the Court that UHG or Weltman Weinberg did not file or attach the proper paperwork to the lawsuit. The real loan paperwork is long gone from being bought and sold by different entities and debt buyers. Your counter claim shows the Court that UHG has no standing to sue you and therefore, UHG broke the law. I don't let UHG get away with anything.

What is the Resident Agent address of United Holding Group, LLC to serve them?

They are not registered in Michigan.

Send to:

6400 Sheridan Dr., Suite 138, Williamsville, NY 14221.


How to Settle a Debt with UHG or UHG I, LLC

It is simple with the right attorney. If you need help with a UHG or Weltman Weinberg collection lawsuit, then contact Brian Parker at 248-342-9583 (I answer the phone) or through my free evaluation form.  As a debt lawsuit defense attorney, I also offer a  free legal consultation  when you are sued by UHG or their collection attorneys. As I stated above, the best way to deal with them is to respond with a good defense and counter claim on their lawsuit.  As our five-star clients will tell you, the savings we offer far outweigh our small legal fees and you might get money back from them in a Federal lawsuit. I do it all. Please fill out our Free Case Evaluation today.

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