Who is Student Loan Solutions, LLC?

Student Loan Solutions, LLC (SLS) is a debt buying company who files Michigan collection lawsuits through Leikin Ingber & Winters PC and Markoff Law PLC law firms. Student Loan Solutions buy up old student loan debt, mostly from Bank of America. They are suing students, not finding solutions to their loan issues. Their lawsuits are filed without the proper assignment or title paperwork to prove their case. I see a lot of Statute of Limitations issues with these lawsuits. So, when you are sued by SLS, review the paperwork to ensure that there is evidence and documentation to support the balance SLS claims is owed. Our goal for you is to point out to the Court that SLS has not followed state and federal law when attempting to collect a debt. In the past with have counter sued SLS and got our clients' debt eliminated.

What names should I look for if SLS is suing me?

The main attorneys on all of SLS debt collection lawsuits are Paul M. Ingber from Leiken Ingber & Winters and Lori Frank from Markoff Law. They specialize in suing consumers with debt collection lawsuits.  Look for the law firms' name on the Summons in your paperwork to confirm SLS is suing you through those law firms.

When you get sued by SLS in State court, an answer and counter claim against them is the best approach to eliminating or settling your debt when the facts are there. I have not seen much proof of ownership of the specific debt they are suing upon-just general Bill of Sale paper or Affidavits that do not apply to you. Get your paperwork to us within 21 days of being served and we will provide you a free analysis to help you win.

Sample of SLS lawsuit here

Sample of SLS lawsuit here

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How to Beat an SLS Lawsuit

When you hire us, first we will file a Response or an “Answer” to the lawsuit to avoid a default being filed against you. If they get a default against you, they can levy or garnish your bank accounts and paycheck. You want to avoid this at all costs. Second, we file a Counter Claim showing the Court that SLS did not file or attach the proper paperwork to the lawsuit. The real paperwork is long gone from being bought and sold by different entities and debt buyers. Your counter claim shows the Court that SLS has no standing to sue you and therefore they broke the law. You maybe then entitled to money damages and attorney fees and costs. A counter claim of this nature will settle lawsuits quickly and eliminate your debt.

SLS Corporate Address and Resident Agent:

Corporate Information

Entity Type: Limited Liability Company
Status: Good Standing
Domestic/Foreign: Domestic
Incorporated State: South Carolina

Important Dates

Effective Date: 09/12/2008
Expiration Date: N/A
Term End Date: 12/31/2058
Dissolved Date: N/A

Registered Agent

Address: 707 LAND FALL DR
ROCK HILL, South Carolina 29732

How to Settle a Debt with Student Loan Solutions, LLC?

Case resolution simple with the right attorney. If you need help with an SLS lawsuit, then contact me at 248-342-9583 or through our free evaluation form.  As a debt lawsuit defense attorney, I offer a free legal consultation  when you are sued by SLS or their collection attorneys. As I stated above, the best way to deal with them is to come in strong with a good defense and counter claim on their lawsuit.  As our five-star clients will tell you, the savings we offer far outweigh our small legal fees and you might get your money back from them in a Federal lawsuit. We do it all. Please fill out our Free Case Evaluation today.