Who is CVI SGP CO Acquisition Trust?

CVI SGP-CO Acquisition Trust are Junk Debt Buyers that buy old debt that has been charged off by the original creditor. They are filing thousands of collection lawsuits throughout the State of Michigan through their main law firm, Stenger & Stenger, P.C. As they are buying junk debt, CVI SGP is also buying junk paperwork and will not have the proper paperwork to file a decent lawsuit. We can help defend against any claim they make against you.

What names should I look for if CVI SPG is suing me?

The main attorneys on all of CVI debt collection lawsuits are Joe Jammal, Preston Nate and Joshua Stiers. These attorneys specialize in suing consumers with debt collection lawsuits.  Look for their names on the Summons in your paperwork to confirm CVI is suing you.

Sample of CVI lawsuit here

Sample of CVI lawsuit here

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How to Beat a CVI SPG Lawsuit

When you hire us, first we will file a Response or an “Answer” to the lawsuit to avoid a default being filed against you. If they get a default against you, they can levy or garnish your bank accounts and paycheck. With a Default, you can lose your case no matter what proof they attached as lawsuit exhibits. You want to avoid a Default at all costs.

Second, we file a Counter Claim showing the Court that CVI did not file or attach the proper paperwork to the lawsuit. The real paperwork is long gone from being bought and sold by different entities and debt buyers. Your counter claim shows the Court that CVI has no standing to sue you and therefore they broke the law. You are then entitled to money damages and attorney fees and costs. A counter claim of this nature will settle lawsuits quickly and will often eliminate the debt against you in any resolution of the case. We do everything for you.

What is the Resident Agent address of CVI SPG to serve them?

Defendant CVI is a debt buyer located in Delaware.

City: WILMINGTON County: New Castle
State: DE
Postal Code: 19801

How to Resolve or Settle a Case with CVI SPG.

Case resolution is simple with the right attorney. If you need help with an CVI lawsuit, then contact me at 248-342-9583 or through our free evaluation form.  As a debt lawsuit defense attorney, I offer a free legal consultation  when you are sued by CVI or their collection attorneys, Stenger & Stenger, P.C. As I stated above, the best way to deal with them is to come in strong with a good defense and counter claim on their lawsuit.  As our five-star clients will tell you, the savings we offer far outweigh our small legal fees and you might get money back from them in a Federal lawsuit. We do everything for you. Please fill out our Free Case Evaluation today.

Cases we resolved with Absolute Resolutions Investment

2021: CVI SGP-CO Aquistion Trust v Client in the 86th District Court in the County of Traverse, client owed an old Zales card debt of approximately $3,000. Stenger & Stenger law firm represented CVI SGP. We got the whole debt eliminated, case dismissed and the credit cleanced up. With the debt and lawsuit eliminated, client's credit FICO scores will go way up now. Very happy Client. DEBT ELIMINATED

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