Who is Convergent Outsourcing, Inc?

Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. is a debt collector and junk debt buyer of credit cards, defaulted auto debt and student loans. Their lawsuits and collection efforts are usually based upon flimsy paperwork or outdated information. If you seek to validate the debt their response will usually not follow the legal guidelines of the FDCPA. They do not usually file lawsuits as much as other debt collectors like a Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery Associates or Crown Asset Management. However, Convergent focuses its collect efforts on collecting debt without the proper assignment or title paperwork to prove their case. I use this knowledge to settle or eliminate my client’s debts from Convergent.

What does a lawsuit against Convergent look like?

We have filed lawsuits against Convergent and this year filed one in Federal court because they collected debts from my client that had long ago been eliminated by the original creditor. Convergent failed to properly validate the debt and collected on my client with the wrong paperwork and information. Here is the lawsuit we filed on our client’s behalf in Federal Court along with Exhibits.

View Federal lawsuit here

View exhibits against Convergent here

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How to Beat Convergent collection efforts

When you hire us, first we will file provide you with a free validation letter to make Convergent proof they have a right to sue you. Usually, the debt collector does not have proof. If they continue to collect on the debt without validating and verifying the debt, we sue them. They settle lawsuits quick and will often eliminate the debt against you in any resolution of the case.

What is the Resident Agent and Physical address of Convergent to serve them?

The name and address of the Resident Agent:

Resident Agent Name:


Street Address:

40600 ANN ARBOR RD E STE 201



State: MI

Zip Code:




Registered Office Mailing address:

P.O. Box or Street Address:






Zip Code:



How to Settle a Debt with Convergent

If you need help with a Convergent debt settlement, then contact me at 248-342-9583 or through our free evaluation form.  As a debt lawsuit defense attorney, I also offer a free legal consultationto properly handle the Convergent debt collection attempts. They usually collect in writing with the wrong information.We will provide you with a free validation letter to combat Convergent. As our five-star clients will tell you, we do it all. Please fill out our Free Case Evaluation today.

Cases we resolved with Convergent Outsourcing

2020: Client v Convergent Outsourcing, LLC. Our client was sued on three student loan debts in State district court. We got the debts eliminated and the cases dismissed in state court. We thought that was that. We then sued Convergent Outsourcing, LLC for trying to collect on the same debts again. We were able to negotiate a good settlement of the case for our client who had suffered twice for the same debts. Both times we came to her rescue and made the debt collectors pay. DEBT ELIMINATED

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