Attorney Defense Against Student Loan Collectors

Is a student loan debt collector suing you for an old student loan debt? The student loan collection industry is big business in Michigan and the student loan debt collectors are suing on debt they can't prove. Whether the original debt was a private student loan, a Sallie Mae loan, a direct federal government loan, a Perkins or HEAL program loan, the result is the same — private debt collection agencies and collection lawyers are trying to cash in on your default. Remember: Even if you owe the debt, that does not mean you owe the debt to the debt buyer that now owns the loan unless they have specific proof they have standing sue you. We can help you.

Is one of these collection agencies suing you?

Some of the agencies and firms in Michigan with complaints against them for unfair debt collection practices include: Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co. (also known as WWR or WW&R), Shermeta Law Group, National Collegiate Student Loan Trust (National Collegiate Trust or NCSLT), TERI Loan Holdings, Crown Asset Management, West Asset Management, Navient Credit Finance Corp. and SLM Private Credit Student Loan Trust.

Student Loan Debt Collector Filed a Lawsuit? You Still Have Rights!

The collector has to prove you owe the debt to them with the proper assignment paperwork attached to the collection lawsuit. Don't just accept that because they sued you on a debt you may have owed to the original creditor, you therefor owe it to a new debt buying owner with no chain of title. Our attorneys can help you determine if the law has been violated by suing you on a debt the don't own. And, if it has violated the law, you can sue the student loan debt collector. Gather up the collection lawsuit and collection letters and email or fax them to us. If a debt collector threatened you or otherwise violated the law, you can sue under the FDCPA or state collections law and make them pay your attorney fees when you prevail. We will review your case for free and stop student loan debt collector harassment through our Free Evaluation Form.

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