Debt Happens. Harassment Never Should.

Are you being sued or harassed by a debt collector or collection law firm? You've come to the right place! I help people being sued by debt collectors in Michigan and Florida. Let me defend you and then turn it around on the bad guys and sue them if they have violated the law. Hire The Law Offices of Brian P. Parker, PC and the collection agency could actually end up owing you money!

Fill out our case evaluation form and I will personally get right back to you with my free analysis. No one answers the phone for me, and I am always available to you. Rest assured that there is nothing you may be going through with debt issues that I have not been through myself. Really. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Let me show you how I can fight the lawsuit, sue the debt collector and resolve or eliminate your debt, starting today.

Those five-star reviews below are from real people like you and candidly, like me when I had similar issues. Call or email me today. I look forward to working with you!

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Top Five-Star Reviews

Brian is the man! If I could give 10 stars, I would. After interviewing several other Attorneys, and just not finding the right fit, I talked to Brian. He listened carefully and took the concerns seriously, and I felt very confident in hiring him. I'm glad I did. He communicated things every step of the way and answered my questions immediately. He was extremely knowledgeable, and his expertise, relentlessness, and no b.s. approach got the case resolved swiftly! THANK YOU!

– Leah H. [stars limit="5"] from Google

Brian was able to resolve my case with remarkable efficiency. His knowledge and guidance were invaluable, and I felt completely at ease knowing he was handling my legal matters. Through the entire process, he kept me well-informed and promptly responded to any questions I had. He is dedicated, responsive, and pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Mr. Parker to anyone seeking resolution to heir legal problems. Thank you for the amazing job you did.

– Ferris A. [stars limit="5"] from Google

This attorney went out of his way to defend me in a case involving debt collectors and was 100% transparent with me regarding the details and steps to follow involving my rights as the defendant. I didn't even have to appear in court. His examination of the plaintiff didn't take long to reveal the inaccuracies with their arguments against me. His confidence and assurance was also extremely welcoming. I cannot recommend Brian enough to anyone else facing litigation from debt collectors. Look no further. This is your guy to contact. And it will be the best money you've ever spent regarding law and individual rights. Thank you Brian Parker. You are a real pro.

– Russell F [stars limit="5"]

Don't know where to start with Mr. Parker. A lot of professionalism and a little bit of comic relief. All jokes aside, the man did exactly what he said he would. I was on my last thread of hope, moments before giving Mr. Parker a call. I was a young kid, college grad, who finally started making a living in this world. Just when I thought I was doing well, a debt collector came by to try to "knock" down my parade. After placing the call to Mr. Parker I was 99% sure he was going to go to war for me, 0% worried, and 1% full of corny of jokes:) Seriously, the man was a miracle worker. The "Manfred von Richthofen" of taking down debt collectors. A few weeks later I was done with being hassled by collectors, and enjoying a nice big tall glass of sweet victory. If you are worried about debt, call him now and see for yourself. YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO CALL ONE OTHER PERSON Thanks again Brian, I owe you a solar light or two:) -Jake

– Jake B. [stars limit="5"] from Google

Brian was great to work with! He was able to work with my creditors and was quickly able get them to agree to dismiss my case! I would definitely recommend his services to any one!

– Charles S [stars limit="5"]

Recent Testimonials:

Don't hesitate to hire Mr. Parker! Nervous and overwhelmed with a lawsuit, I saw more than a glimmer of light and had hope after speaking with Mr. Parker. I could go into lengthy detail about the entire process, but really I'd only be wasting your time. He was present, honest and extremely knowledgeable with not only the content of my case, but the entire system and local Law Offices that represent the bottom feeders. I am particularly grateful for the direct communication with Mr. Parker-- not an admin or another attorney-- which made me feel respected as a person not a number or a dollar sign. My case was fully dismissed! I would hire Brian P. Parker PC again without hesitation.

– Karla A. ★★★★★ from Google

Brian was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, he put me at ease and was in constant communication with me about updates and what I needed to do to have my problems resolved, which he completely knocked out of the park.

– Nicholas D. ★★★★★ from Google

The best phone call I ever made was to this amazing lawyer!!! He made what I thought was an impossible situation into a non- issue! I was filled with anxiety, and he gave me the assurances I needed to fight the good fight and we were victorious!! If you are in a tough situation, do not hesitate to get in touch with Brian! He is very professional and has a human touch to make the bad "wolves" (collectors) go away!! Thank you again, Brian Parker!!!

– Amy C. ★★★★★ from Google

If I could give him 10 stars I would. I was getting sued by a collection agency and not only did he help me prove I didn't owe the money but he helped my mom as well. He was honest and very good at keeping me informed thru the entire situation. Thank you 100 times

– Jennifer M. ★★★★★

I highly recommend Mr. Parker! He will work hard and apply his extensive knowledge of the law and procedure to reviewing and resolving your situation. He is quick to respond and a pleasure to work with. He is transparent about the process and I loved that. Mr. Parker is legit and you can trust him. 5 stars, highly recommend!

– Kelly Z. ★★★★★ from Google

Brian is phenomenal. Best part, we settled with the other attorney in only 2 business days. I highly recommend him. He is absolutely worth every penny.

– Adrianne D. ★★★★★ from Google

Mr. Parker is the first attorney our family has ever had to ask for help. He was a miracle worker with our many cases. Some of them more than 15 years old. Mr. Parker was kind and compassionate from our first communication and after speaking with him for less than 5 minutes, we knew that we'd made a great decision to contact him to help us. He was knowledgeable and true to his word, he worked fast and efficiently and within days he'd settled and closed several of our cases, paying pennies on the dollars "owed". He was fast and thorough and we are so thankful that we made that first call. So many years of being harassed and worried about these accounts. Within days, the weigh of the world had been lifted off our shoulders. Don't wait, call Mr. Brian Parker TODAY if you are in trouble and need a true kind, and passionate professional to help, he's your guy. We can't recommend him highly enough. If I could give him 100 stars, I would.

– E Koby ★★★★★ from Google

Best lawyer i have worked with. Very transparent and helpful. Brian went above and beyond to help in any questions I had. I look forward to working with Brian in the future

– U. Shaukat ★★★★★ from Google

Brian Parker was outstanding! I am blessed to have found him to handle my case. I was so worried that the constant harassment & phone calls from the debt collectors would never cease. Being sued by a debt collector is a frightening experience. With one phone call, Brian was able to tell me exactly what I needed to do & how the process would go. It was easy & painless! He understands & treats you with respect & kindness. All that worry for nothing. Thank you, Brian, for such amazing work & helping me to clear this debt. Anyone who is on the fence trying to decide whether they should go it alone or hire an attorney... Do yourself a favor... HIRE BRIAN!!!

– Matt K. ★★★★★ from Google

I can't recommend him enough! He got my debt settled. He is very easy to talk to about your debt

– Sylvia H. ★★★★★ from Google

His words were, "I can make them go away & quickly!"& he did.He knows his stuff! & is brutally honest( I Love).I had 2 Court cases that came at the worst time! Brian anayzied & stratagied & gave me various options to move fwd with. He always kept his word & answersed his phone when I called...Thank you Brian for getting me through this!!

– Linda W. ★★★★★ from Google

My experience with with Mr Parker has been exceptional. Having to deal with the uncertainty and harassments of the debt collector. It was refreshing to hear an assuring voice of a nice professional Attorney. Mr Parker assured me he could handle my situation. He’s a man of his word and did exactly what I was told. He will let you know from the first phone call if it’s something he can handle..You won’t be disappointed in hiring Mr Parker to represent you..

– Shawn E ★★★★★ from Google

Well, my situation was probably like many of yours - you have some collection agency sending you letters to get your money and if you don't respond they get more abrasive to the point of taping a court ordered subpoena on your door. It all seems so legal or lawful when you don't know the real law. Feeling a bit helpless, I decided to take a quick look online for some kind of hope / assistance as it seems there's an answer for everything online. Sure enough, on the first page of my google search is Brian Parker's site to help people in my situation. I could hardly believe it. He was really the only one serving this niche. After reading his site, I literally thought this guy is an answer to prayer - like some kind of angel to fight the demons who are bending the law to get into your pocketbook. That's Brian's specialty - he legally and lawfully points out every detail of how this collection agency / law firm is illegally bending the law, and he disseminates it in legal documents that the court and collection agency understands, thus the collection agency / law firm run like a scared rabbit with its tail between its legs. He does it quickly, concisely and with utter reassurance to you, the victim, that we will have this worked out in no time. I'd be lying, if I did not say that Brian Parker is a man of his word, that you can count on him, in what feels like a very tight situation. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

– Joe Z. ★★★★★ from Avvo

I was very worried about my issue and Mr. Parker was very nice and reassuring. And very understanding to my situation. And fast let me tell ya lol. All in all he's great and will be keeping him in my contacts. He handles everything and treats you like a person. Not a number.

– Mike K, ★★★★★ from Avvo and ★★★★★ from Google

This firm was very responsive and extremely professional. They were able to reach a very favorable decision on my case very quickly. I would definitely use them again if needed.

– S. Parker, ★★★★★ from Google

Very pleasant experience with tons of experience. Made me feel that my case was very important and he did an excellent job representing me with favorable outcome. He was the right person to hire and would highly recommend his practice.

– Nick and Madeline K, ★★★★★ from Avvo and ★★★★★ from Google

hi Mr. Parker, I would like to thank you for the positive response to my problem. You address my concerns and made positive results. You treated my problem with great concern, You where easier to talk to , I found you on my computer and your ad was right. you do help the little man in great need. Thanks again.

– Donald G.

Attorney Parker was extremely professional, with a warm and patient disposition. He took our case with the utmost importance of clearing us of the matter and providing us with the best outcome imaginable. I would definitely recommend him and work with him, if I ever need an attorney again.

– Brian W, ★★★★★ from Google

Brian took on a collector that had filed a questionable claim against us. He started the process on a Tuesday, and they released the claim on the following Monday. That was super fast and it was over $20,000. We highly recommend Brian and Collection Stoppers and will be using him again if needed. 5 stars are not enough for his service.

– Victor, ★★★★★ from Avvo and ★★★★★ from Google

Mr. Parker was extremely helpful, timely and thoughtful. I can’t say thank you enough for his professionalism and efficiency. He helped me understand my rights, he explained the “whys” and the “what’s” and took care of it all. I felt very happy and secure knowing he was handling a crazy situation that rather appeared out of nowhere. He took the worry of the unknown away with our first phone call. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! JK Curtis

– JK Curtis, ★★★★★ from Google

I can't recommend him enough. He responded quickly, filed right away and took care of everything. He knows his business, and I would hire him again.

– Aaron W, ★★★★★ from Google

I contacted this Lawyer because I was being sued by a collection agency. The process was cost effective, quick and seamless. The debt was eliminated completely. Im so glad that I didnt have to worry. Thank you so much. I highly recommend him.

– Joy S, ★★★★★ from Avvo

He dose what he say he is going to do very professional, will be recommending my friends and family for his services.

– Sadie S, ★★★★★ from Avvo

I hire this Attorney to represent me against a collection agency. The process was smooth, and seamless. The debt was completely eliminated. Cost was reasonable. Thank you again for a stress free experience. I highly recommend this service.

– Joy S, ★★★★★ from Google

Mr. Parker was amazing from start to finish! He guided me the whole way through and was very personable! All of our conversations went so well and everything was resolved! It literally could not have gone better!

– Allison B, ★★★★★ from Avvo

Brian was very efficient and responsive. What started out as worry ended so quickly in relief! I will be forever thankful to him and I highly recommend him for any debt issues!

– Nikol K, ★★★★★ from Google

Mr. Parker is professional, quick to respond, and provided the absolute best resolution to my case. Definitely will hire again should I need assistance!

– Joseph, ★★★★★ from

A 10/10 isn’t high enough to rate the quality of service. Brian was quick, efficient, great at communication, and had a positive attitude with an amazing sense of humor. From start to finish the case took us under a month and required us to do nothing but wait for the great news. If we ever need legal help again Brian will be the only one we go to. Definitely trust him with your case as well.

– Amber S. Happy Client.

I was served by a loan company for 16k. I tried paying back this loan and then the company was sold to a 3rd party CACH and they made it vet difficult to make payments. I contacted Brian Parker and paid a very low lawyer fee. Brian kept me updated when I needed to be. This was a very worry free process. I followed Brian’s exceptional legal advice and he won my case and I didn’t have to pay a dime of the 16k. I never worried after hiring Brian. If you find yourself in the same legal predicament contact Brian Parker. I can’t thank Brian enough!!!!!

– Swissy A. ★★★★★ from

It was my best decision to hire Brian Parker as my attorney I have a big bill I owe for Dte energy And he took care of that I regret not hiring him soonerI recommend him to everyone and anyone I wish I can give him more than 5 star rating he is the best and And also he get back to you fast thank you again brain parker.

– Tamika N. ★★★★★ from

I contact Mr. Parker he called me back the same day, I am so glade I did he was so helpful he got the job done. Thank you so much Mr. parker. Will recommend all my family and friends.

– Sadie S. ★★★★★ from

Brian is an expert in this area and handled my cases seamlessly with positive, quick results. He answered my questions and provided additional advice to avoid future issues. He is a true professional and achieves optimal results. -SSM

– SSM, ★★★★★ from